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My Pediatric OT Services has always enjoyed collaborating with both private and public school systems to ensure the best practices and continuity of care for our clients. In doing so, the need for continued education around self-regulation, impulse control, and sensory processing became apparent and, thus, our Educational Community Outreach Coaching Program was developed.

This comprehensive program has a primary focus of providing support to teachers and classroom support staff along with knowledge of sensory processing, self-regulation, and the impact these challenges may have on children’s learning, behaviors, and access to the curriculum.

We curate each program to best fit the schools’ and/or classroom’s needs. The services available within this program include:

  • Consultative services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed basis

  • Screenings

    • Completed twice a year
    • Parent consent required
    • Parents and schools provided a brief summary of skills observed, skills to work on, and activities for home and classroom to work towards age expected skill sets.

  • Sensory Motor Groups

    • Monthly or bi-weekly
    • Groups run from September through May
    • Each month will be a different theme and always will include a movement and fine motor component. Additionally, a parent handout will be sent home to provide information about the month’s theme and home activities related to the theme.
    • Group themes are based on the areas of need within the school and classroom and are established at the intake meeting.
      • Body clues, “engine” speed, ect.
      • Bucket Fillers
      • Body Awareness
      • Whole Body Listening
      • Body and Impulse control
      • Bilateral motor coordination
      • Brain Filters
      • Emotions
      • Fine motor coordination
      • Mat Man

Please reach out to Justine via phone (508-208-8438) or email ( if you are interested in learning more about My Pediatric OT Services’ comprehensive educational outreach program. We can assist your staff’s understanding of child development, sensory processing, and self-regulation along with simple and effective strategies to create an optimal learning environment.

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